Problem building 5.2 for m68k-elf on Solaris

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jun 27 12:04:00 GMT 2002

> bcache.h is:
>         included from ../../work/gdb/symtab.h:31,
>                  from ../../work/gdb/value.h:270,
>                  from ../../work/gdb/gdbarch.h:41,
>                  from ../../work/gdb/defs.h:1035,
>                  from ../../work/gdb/ser-unix.c:22:
> Hope that helps.

Yes it does!

symtab.h: does but shouldn't
objfiles.h: doesn't but should (but really shouldn't need to)
macrotab.h: does but shouldn't

Can you try moving the #include "bcache.h" from symtab.h to objfiles.h?


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