getting rid of the target stack

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jun 27 07:44:00 GMT 2002

Just FYI,

The problem is that the current target stack implementation is serving 
two masters:

- a layer/stack of targets - thread on top of raw/remote.  This is a 
true stack.  As with a stack, each has an above and below and can 
propogate requests through it.  This part of the architecture works.

- the vineer - live, core, file - are all ``targets'' that can be 
switched between and mechanisms that allow GDB to fall back to other 
layers if one can't provide it.

Some incremental things that have been pointed out in the past include:

- making the targets true objects - eliminate that global state

- tighten/fix the target stack interfaces so that people don't keep 
bypassing them (or worse, as in the hw breakpoint stuff avoiding adding 
them to the vector).


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