bad news about add_setshow_cmd

Andrew Cagney
Wed Jun 26 19:25:00 GMT 2002

> Today while testing my jumbo add_setshow_cmd patch, I finally came
> across this code in do_setshow_command:
>       /* Print doc minus "show" at start.  */
>       print_doc_line (gdb_stdout, c->doc + 5);


> This isn't i18n-friendly.  Really fixing it requires yet another
> global change to add_setshow_cmd :-(.  Also it seems like it will
> require adding a new field to the command structure to hold the
> translated text.
> Or, we could replace the customized text with something generic.  This
> is less friendly though.
> Does anybody know of other lurking problems before I go ahead and make
> this change?  My current plan is to go ahead and add the new field and
> new doc strings everywhere.  Any other ideas or preferences?

Sorry, you've lost me.  Which new doc string?  A third string for 
showing the value?


BTW, grep -e '->doc', arrhg!  add_dump_command() for instance?

[I think we're going to end up with GDB 6.0 due to internationalization 
and not multi-arch - we're going to need an excuse for changing all the 
output messages :-)]


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