bad news about add_setshow_cmd

Tom Tromey
Wed Jun 26 14:45:00 GMT 2002

Today while testing my jumbo add_setshow_cmd patch, I finally came
across this code in do_setshow_command:

      /* Print doc minus "show" at start.  */
      print_doc_line (gdb_stdout, c->doc + 5);

This isn't i18n-friendly.  Really fixing it requires yet another
global change to add_setshow_cmd :-(.  Also it seems like it will
require adding a new field to the command structure to hold the
translated text.

Or, we could replace the customized text with something generic.  This
is less friendly though.

Does anybody know of other lurking problems before I go ahead and make
this change?  My current plan is to go ahead and add the new field and
new doc strings everywhere.  Any other ideas or preferences?


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