Torubles with remote stub for m68k

Andrew Cagney
Tue Jun 25 10:44:00 GMT 2002

> Try a:
>>(gdb) maint print architecture OUTPUTFILE
>>and check what the value of the single step macros are.

>  Your specific 
>>m68k target (configured as?) may have software single step settings that 
>>contradict what the target supports.

How did you configure your m68k target?

> Ok, and what do I look for in the dump?  I see:
> gdbarch_dump: MEMORY_INSERT_BREAKPOINT(addr, contents_cache) # (default_memory_insert_breakpoint (addr, contents_cache))
> gdbarch_dump: MEMORY_REMOVE_BREAKPOINT(addr, contents_cache) # (default_memory_remove_breakpoint (addr, contents_cache))
> But what else should I look for?  I don't see anything that has 'step' in the name.


Neither appear to be defined by the m68k targets.  This indicates that 
the m68k [in current gdb] does not support software single step.


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