GDB support for thread-local storage

James Cownie
Tue Jun 25 09:11:00 GMT 2002

> You'll never get them to document interface changes in pthreads'
> internal data structures.  You're welcome to try if you like pain
> more than I do.  The only layer the glibc folks support for
> accessing this data is thread_db.

I'm not sugggesting that they document it, rather that they provide a
version symbol which tells you which version of the pthreads code you
have, and then name libthread_db with a name which includes the
version number.

All I'm after is that one can tell from a debugger which version of
the pthread library one is looking at and then deduce which to dlopen.

Something as trivial as

static volatile int __pthread_version_number = 123;

somwehere would probably do. 

The documentation requirement would be

  The static symbol __pthread_version_number gives the version number
 of the pthread library to allow a debugger to locate the appropriate
 version of libthread_db.

and that's it. It doesn't change...

Thought they need to remember to change the version number when they
make changes which affect libthread_db.

-- Jim 

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