Torubles with remote stub for m68k

Peter Barada
Tue Jun 25 08:13:00 GMT 2002

>> Any help is appreciated!
>If GDB sets the breakpoint using 'M' (or presumably 'X') commands, then
>it is the client's responsibility to clear it.  It would be nice to
>know why that isn't happening.  To observe it in action you can use
>gdbserver on a GNU/Linux system...

Huh? That doesn't make sense(at least to me)...
Why would gdb go to all the trouble of writing the breakpoint and the
force the stub to remove it?  Does the stub have to remove the
breakpoint when gdb is reading memory(say for x/10i $pc)?  How can the
stub manage an unbounded number of breakpoints this way(wouldn't the
stub be required to allocate memory)?  Where in the documentation is
this 'symbiosis' mentioned where gdb sets breakpoints and the stub is
responsible for removing them while stepping?

Besides, this stub works fine with gdb-4.16 and gdb-4.18, so what's changed?

I can see that if the 'Z' commands are used to set breakpoints then
the stub is responsible for managing them, but not the 'M' command...

Again, any help is appreciated!

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