Torubles with remote stub for m68k

Andrew Cagney
Mon Jun 24 15:30:00 GMT 2002

> With gdb-5, if the stub doesn't use breakpoint registers, is it gdb's
>> responsibility to save/restore the brekpoint across a 's' packet, or
>> is that the stub's responsibility?
>> Any help is appreciated!
> If GDB sets the breakpoint using 'M' (or presumably 'X') commands, then
> it is the client's responsibility to clear it.  It would be nice to
> know why that isn't happening.  To observe it in action you can use
> gdbserver on a GNU/Linux system...

Try a:

(gdb) maint print architecture OUTPUTFILE

and check what the value of the single step macros are.  Your specific 
m68k target (configured as?) may have software single step settings that 
contradict what the target supports.

cf gdb/274.


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