Questions about gdb and gettext

Tom Tromey
Mon Jun 24 15:12:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Cagney <> writes:

Tom> 	char *first_setline,
Tom> 	char *first_showline,
Tom> 	char *rest_of_docs,

Andrew> I considered something like this but shyed away from it.  I
Andrew> don't know enough about international languages to trust that
Andrew> it is legitimate [I suspect it is].

To be honest, I don't know either.  There's a lot of languages out

Andrew> What about having the three:
Andrew> 	set_doc
Andrew> 	show_doc
Andrew> 	sup_doc
Andrew> (i.e. don't restrict it to the first line?).

Suppose I'm marking strings.  What would I put into sup_doc?

Another choice would be to have "help show foo" print a single line
and then say "Use `help set foo' to get more information on this variable".
What do you think of that?


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