Questions about gdb and gettext

Andrew Cagney
Sun Jun 23 14:33:00 GMT 2002

> I spent a little time today looking at add_show_from_set.  One idea I
> had was to make a new `add_set_and_show' function which would work
> something like this:
>     add_set_and_show (char *name, enum command_class class,
>                       var_types var_type, void *var,
>                       char *first_setline, char *first_showline,
>                       char *rest_of_docs, struct cmd_list_element **list)
> The idea here is to factor out the first sentence into separate `show'
> and `set' sentences, and then keep the rest of the help text the same.


Look at add_setshow_boolean_cmd().  The general direction is for the 
generic commands to go away being replaced by more specific, stronger 
typed, and i18n frendly commands.


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