Live Range Splitting goodbye?

Elena Zannoni
Fri Jun 21 19:13:00 GMT 2002

Jim Blandy writes:
 > Would anyone mind if I deleted the support for live range splitting?
 > That would remove the following fields from struct symbol, get rid of
 > a weird call to read_pc in symtab.c (!!), and a bunch of other stuff.
 > I believe the GCC code which would emit the sorts of STABS that turn
 > into these structures has never been contributed to the public sources
 > anyway.
 > struct symbol
 >   {
 >     ...
 >     /* Link to a list of aliases for this symbol.
 >        Only a "primary/main symbol may have aliases.  */
 >     struct alias_list *aliases;
 >     /* List of ranges where this symbol is active.  This is only
 >        used by alias symbols at the current time.  */
 >     struct range_list *ranges;
 >   };

Yes it's dead. We already went through this, see the long thread:


Go ahead, kill it.


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