GDB support for thread-local storage

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jun 21 14:46:00 GMT 2002

> This is the more substantial objection, it seems to me.  But simply
>> because libthread_db can't be used for cross-platform core files
>> doesn't mean we shouldn't use it in the native case --- for the same
>> reasons we use it on live processes.
> Maybe.... I don't think the analogy holds.  When we use it on live
> processes there is always a system (somewhere) on which thread_db could
> be running.  That's why I was willing to use it in gdbserver.  Of
> course, it's ONE MORE library that needs to be on all my targets now,
> which I'm not in love with.
> Debugging a core dump can't validly require access to a target.  So
> making "native debug of a core dump" different from the hopeful "cross
> debug of a core dump" seems a bit dodgy.


>  I'd call the libthread_db
> approach broken for this purpose (a little outside its design scope
> perhaps).

I think it reflects limitations of the current libthread-db interface 
rather than a broken approach.


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