Cygwin, gdb, ocd, raven, mpc555

Martin Winistörfer
Mon Jun 17 00:15:00 GMT 2002


I read several mails on this mailing list about ocd and
got finally really confused. I would like to set up a system
with winnt, cygwin, gdb as debugger, a raven interface from
Macraigor and as target an MPC555.

I got to the conclusion to download the gdb-5.0 version
from as some guys were told on the
list. This version supports ocd as well as the raven interface.

But I found out the this gdb-5.0 does not support the the
"set architecture powerpc:MPC8XX" option. So I can´t set the IMMR register.
This is the first register I have to set (in the gdbinit file) before I can
every other register. So this gdb-5.0 is useless without the possibility to
set the IMMR.  It of course supports the "target ocd raven 0"
option to set the proper target. The strange thing is, macraigor as well
as ocdemon say this gdb-5.0 works with mpc555. So I suppose someone
is running on a MPC5XX or MPC8XX platform with this gdb-5.0. But
how do they set the IMMR?

I now downloaded gdb-5.1.1 and compiled it. Now I can set the MPC8XX
architecture but not the "target ocd raven 0"!!!!! I know there was a
about the wiggler.dll. And I also know that the ocd files (ocd.c, ppc_bdm.c)
have been modified (thats porbably the reason why the raven target doesn´t
and it seems to my that it works only with the wiggler.

Well but what shall I do now do build up my system? Can anyone help me?

I tought maybe I can remove the current ocd files in the gdb-5.1.1 source
and replace it with the modified ocd files from But it
seems not to go so easily. I´m not a hacker which can do this easily.

Thanks for every help,

Martin Winistörfer

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