[patch] New Target -- Fujitsu FRV

Nick Clifton nickc@cambridge.redhat.com
Wed Jun 12 13:47:00 GMT 2002

Hi Dave,

> Attached is a patch which adds a cpu description for Fujitsu's FRV
> architecture, including models for the FR400 and FR500. This patch is
> part of a larger submission of bfd, gas, ld, binutils, sim and gdb for
> the FRV by Red Hat.
> Seeking approval to commit.

I assume that once this patch is approved and committed you will be
generating the relevant files for the opcodes directory ?  If so,
please consider those files to be pre-approved, although please do
still post an email with the ChangeLog entry when you do so.

Thinking about it, your patch will presumably also want to modify
opcodes/disassemble.c, opcodes/configure.in and include/dis-asm.h.
Please include the patches to these files with your posting, but you
may also consider them pre-approved.  For include/gas/bfd/ld
changes please post separate patches for approval in the normal way.


PS.  Presumably the FRV port will need a binutils maintainer...

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