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egor duda deo@logos-m.ru
Wed Jun 12 03:58:00 GMT 2002


Tuesday, 11 June, 2002 Robin Rowe rower@MovieEditor.com wrote:

RR> Core Dumps


RR> 2. To enable core dumps in Windows cygwin build dumper.exe from cygwin cvs.

dumper is included into cygwin distro for some time now, so there's no
need to build it yourself.

RR> Add "error_start=c:\path\to\dumper\utility\dumper.exe" to the CYGWIN
RR> environment variable. A program fault will generate a core named
RR> "crashed-program.exe.core." The core file can be  analyzed with
RR> "gdb --core=crashed-program.exe.core". You may need latest sources of gdb,
RR> bfd, and cygwin from sourceware cvs to do this.

The last sentence is now unnecessary, i believe. AFAIK, current
released versions of cygwin and gdb contain all needed functionality.

I'll also add description of dumper to cygwin docs shortly.

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