LD_LIBRARY_PATH and problem with gdb on solaris

Spandan Bhatt spandan_bhatt@yahoo.com
Thu Jun 6 12:04:00 GMT 2002


I have a problem with shared libraries and gdb. The
same problem is discussed on
But this solution doesnt work for me!!!

when I try to run an executable through gdb it gives
fatal error on ld.so.1 cant open lib file no such file
or directory. I downloaded the latest gdb version
(5.2) but the problem is still there. My
LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable is set prop[erly since I
can run the exec file from shell it self. I tried
setting LD_BIND_NOW to 1 but still the same problem.
Can anybody tell  whats wrong with my setup?
Platform: solaris 5.8
Thanx a lot
ps: please keep may email address in the cc field
since I am not subscribed to this group.

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