can't find class named `foo', as given by C++ RTTI

Jim Blandy
Sat Jun 30 10:14:00 GMT 2001

Daniel Berlin <> writes:
> But first, realize that to implement in GDB, you must do one of two things.
> 1. Change GDB to only explicitly keep track of the current scope (IE like 
> the compilers do), and magically have the symbols for that scope.  This 
> would require so much redesign it's not even funny.
> 2. Convert what the designs say from stacks to blockvectors (IE most are 
> based on stacks where you only keep the current visible scopes around.  We 
> need all the scopes, so you just have to think of how to do the conversion 
> between the two in your head. It's usually not that difficult to do at all.)
> I'd suggest, for obvious reasons, 2.

Yeah, I'd say 1. doesn't apply to us. 

> Section 3 of Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation - Steven Muchnick
> It's titled "Symbol table structure".

Oh, I've got that, actually.

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