So what is wrong with v3 C++

Tom Tromey
Fri Jun 29 00:29:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> ">" == Michael Elizabeth Chastain <> writes:

>> Gdb is the #1 client of the demangler so it's in our interest to
>> check for demangling bugs in our test suite.  That way we can find
>> them and push them upstream more easily.

The history of the libiberty test suite is that, in the past, people
would modify the demangler without running the gdb test suite.  Then
one day someone would do that and they would notice a bug.

So, I used some Emacs code to convert the gdb demangler test suite to
something I could put into libiberty.  My desire was that people
working on the demangler would be encouraged to write new tests there,
and that having the demangler pass its regressions would be a
requirement for any demangler change.

Unfortunately nobody wrote new tests as they wrote new code.  I think
I mentioned the test suite to whoever wrote the new demangler, but was
ignored.  Anyway I do think that the other goal still applies.
Putting new tests in gdb is, imnsho, not as helpful as putting them
into the demangler's own test suite.

I don't think pushing these things upstream is easier if you put the
test into the gdb framework.  It is easy to put a test into the
libiberty harness.  If there is an administrative overhead that makes
this hard, then that is the barrier that should be lowered.


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