can't find class named `foo', as given by C++ RTTI

Benjamin Kosnik
Wed Jun 27 22:51:00 GMT 2001

> > (gdb) p *__fp
> > can't find class named `std::numpunct<char>', as given by C++ RTTI
> This is no surprise.
> Without namespace support in the symbol table, sometimes the names
> aren't quite correct. 
> 5 to 1 says ptype 'numpunct<char>' works.

Yeah but doesn't really help me in terms of a debugging strategy.


What about the demangling bits in the ptype output? Are those expected too?

Is special namespace support really necessary? I mean, the namespace 
qualified symbol *is* the correct name. Omitting the namespace is a bug.

> It's good to not have to worry about this stuff anymore. 
> I think i'll go implement dwarf2.1 namespace support in gcc.
> That way, I can at least say "Well, we output the info, but gdb can't
> use it".

Kind of depressing, but oh well. Any other takers?


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