how to dbg a java pgm ?

Per Bothner
Mon Jun 25 15:41:00 GMT 2001 writes:

> i use gdb 5.0 .
> i cannot figure out how to dbg java program :-(
> i force the language with :
> set language java
> but
> using the .class is not the right format obviously.
> should i use --interpreter=? when i build gdb/insight or at run time when
> i dbg ?
> what it the arg? /usr/java/bin/java or just java ?

Gdb can only debug Java programs that have been compiled to native code
using GCJ ( ).  Stu Grossman did at one time
implement support fro debugging code in a JVM using JVMDI but that code
was never merged in.
	--Per Bothner

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