1) SIGTRAP issue :/ 2) libbfd

Michael Elizabeth Chastain chastain@cygnus.com
Mon Jun 25 09:41:00 GMT 2001

I can address the libbfd issue.

I've appended (slightly edited) versions of the scripts that I use
to check out and combine the gcc tree from gcc.gnu.org and the
gdb/dejagnu/binutils modeuls from anoncvs.cygnus.com.  Every weekend, I
build from this combined tree on several native linux and native solaris

For each file and subdirectory, I choose either the gcc version or the
gdb/dejagnu/binutils version.  For bfd in particular, I choose the
gdb/dejagnu/binutils version.

If any of the scripts breaks on your system, you get to keep both pieces.

Other people have other ways of dealing with this, I just munged this up
around February 2001 for my own use.  Comments welcomed.

Hope this helps,

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
"love without fear"

== fsf-checkout.sh

#! /bin/sh

# exit on error
# echo commands as they execute

set -e
set -x

# define path
# show who I am

export PATH

# blow away existing directories

rm -rf CVS gcc src source-gcc source-src

# check out gcc

export CVSROOT
expect -c 'spawn cvs login' -c 'expect password: ' -c 'send -- "anoncvs\r"' -c 'expect eof'
cvs -z 9 co -r gcc-3_0-branch gcc
mv gcc source-gcc
rm -rf CVS

# update gcc

cd source-gcc
contrib/gcc_update --touch
cd ..

# check out src

export CVSROOT
expect -c 'spawn cvs login' -c 'expect password: ' -c 'send -- "anoncvs\r"' -c 'expect eof'
cvs -z 9 co gdb dejagnu binutils
mv src source-src
rm -rf CVS

# I am finished

du -sk *

=== fsf-combine.sh

#! /bin/sh

set -e
set -x

# IPL the target
rm -rf source
mkdir source

# Root files
cp -rl source-gcc/COPYING source
cp -rl source-gcc/COPYING.LIB source
cp -rl source-src/COPYING.NEWLIB source
cp -rl source-gcc/ChangeLog source/ChangeLog.gcc
cp -rl source-src/ChangeLog source/ChangeLog.src
cp -rl source-gcc/MAINTAINERS source/MAINTAINERS.gcc
cp -rl source-src/MAINTAINERS source/MAINTAINERS.src
cp -rl source-gcc/README source/README.gcc
cp -rl source-src/README source/README.src
cp -rl source-src/README-maintainer-mode source
cp -rl source-src/djunpack.bat source
cp -rl source-src/gettext.m4 source

# Configury files
cp -rl source-gcc/config source
cp -rl source-gcc/config-ml.in source
cp -rl source-src/config.guess source
cp -rl source-gcc/config.if source
cp -rl source-src/config.sub source
cp -rl source-gcc/configure source
cp -rl source-gcc/configure.in source
cp -rl source-gcc/ltcf-c.sh source
cp -rl source-gcc/ltcf-cxx.sh source
cp -rl source-gcc/ltcf-gcj.sh source
cp -rl source-gcc/ltconfig source
cp -rl source-gcc/ltmain.sh source
cp -rl source-src/setup.com source
cp -rl source-gcc/symlink-tree source

# Makefiles
cp -rl source-gcc/Makefile.in source
cp -rl source-gcc/libtool.m4 source
cp -rl source-src/makefile.vms source
cp -rl source-gcc/missing source
cp -rl source-gcc/mkdep source
cp -rl source-gcc/move-if-change source
cp -rl source-gcc/ylwrap source

# Install files
cp -rl source-gcc/install-sh source
cp -rl source-gcc/mkinstalldirs source

# Mpw files
cp -rl source-src/mpw-README source
cp -rl source-src/mpw-build.in source
cp -rl source-src/mpw-config.in source
cp -rl source-src/mpw-configure source
cp -rl source-src/mpw-install source

# Package directories
cp -rl source-src/bfd source
cp -rl source-src/binutils source
cp -rl source-gcc/boehm-gc source
cp -rl source-gcc/contrib source
cp -rl source-src/dejagnu source
cp -rl source-src/etc source
cp -rl source-src/expect source
cp -rl source-gcc/fastjar source
cp -rl source-src/gas source
cp -rl source-gcc/gcc source
cp -rl source-src/gdb source
cp -rl source-src/gprof source
cp -rl source-src/include source
cp -rl source-src/intl source
cp -rl source-src/ld source
# cp -rl source-gcc/libchill source
cp -rl source-gcc/libf2c source
cp -rl source-gcc/libffi source
cp -rl source-gcc/libiberty source
cp -rl source-gcc/libjava source
cp -rl source-gcc/libobjc source
cp -rl source-gcc/libstdc++-v3 source
cp -rl source-src/mmalloc source
cp -rl source-src/opcodes source
cp -rl source-src/readline source
cp -rl source-src/sim source
cp -rl source-src/tcl source
cp -rl source-src/texinfo source
cp -rl source-src/utils source
cp -rl source-gcc/zlib source

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