linux core support

Daniel Jacobowitz
Sun Jun 24 03:15:00 GMT 2001

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 01:51:57PM +0800, more wrote:
> I am using the GNU tools for the arm linux platform, the tools are so 
> wonderful, thanks for all the men who pay their effort on it.
> When I use the cross gdb for the linux arm platform, I am a little puzzled 
> that it does not support core file, even the native arm linux gdb seems not 
> too. It seems that only the i386 native gdb support the core dump file for 
> linux. I think the integration work for all the linux platform( either native 
> or target) the core file support is at hand, cause gdb has a file gregset.h 
> to assist it, does anyone take effort on it?

That's not quite right.  I believe that ARM core files work natively on
arm-*-linux; I've used them.  Cross gdb does not currently support
cores, for Linux targets at least; I have patches in progress to change

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