Who owns gdbserver?

John S. Kallal jskallal@home.com
Thu Jun 21 13:30:00 GMT 2001

> On a related note, I'm trying to think of a way to eliminate some of the
> crasser code duplication between gdb and gdbserver - or rather, right now
> it's mostly a lack of code duplication, causing gdbserver not to work
> terribly well.  The ideal solution would be to abstract the details of
> managing a Unix inferior via ptrace to the point where I can link the same
> files into gdbserver, but there are of course some intractable issues -
> setting the shared library debugging breakpoint, for instance.  Before I
> begin working on this, does anyone have any thoughts?  Is someone out there
> working on a similar thing before I waste my time?

Currently gdbserver is only build when you go into the gdbserver's directory 
and build it.  I think that you should 1st change gdb's configure/make system
to alway build gdbserver by default on system where gdbserver is
supported.  That way when ever any change to the shared code
base of gdb/gdbserver creates bit rot, the problem will be quickly 

If possible, it would also be nice to to have gdb's 'make check' command 
automaticly run the testsuite on system that support gdbserver and a TCP/IP 
network loopback.  Again this would help detect bit rot in in the code
that is common to both gdb and gdbserver.

John S. Kallal

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