Who owns gdbserver?

Quality Quorum qqi@world.std.com
Thu Jun 21 06:08:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> No one admits to it, in MAINTAINERS at least...
> I am considering some fairly invasive changes to it, between some signal
> problems I've been having, more Linux ports, and threads.  It would be nice
> to establish a clear owner before I do that.
> On a related note, I'm trying to think of a way to eliminate some of the
> crasser code duplication between gdb and gdbserver - or rather, right now
> it's mostly a lack of code duplication, causing gdbserver not to work
> terribly well.  The ideal solution would be to abstract the details of
> managing a Unix inferior via ptrace to the point where I can link the same
> files into gdbserver, but there are of course some intractable issues -
> setting the shared library debugging breakpoint, for instance.  Before I
> begin working on this, does anyone have any thoughts?  Is someone out there
> working on a similar thing before I waste my time?

I put together rproxy, which is in essense exteneded gdbserver, look at
gbd section on my web site http://world.std.com/~qqi

Also, if you are talking about threads support over remote GDB 
protocol there is some stuff there.

The only caveat there is that in the coming update I am going to change
licensing from GPL to BSD.
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