J.T. Conklin
Mon Jun 18 08:54:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "debashis" == debashis mahata <> writes:
debashis> I am just a new comer in GDB internals. I have a doubt
debashis> regarding the necessity of SOFTWARE_SINGLE_STEP in the
debashis> function resume() (file: infrun.c). My working platform is
debashis> Sparc- Solaris 5.8 and going through the code of GDB
debashis> 4.18. The question is :

If I recall correctly, kernel single-step support is a relatively new
feature in Solaris.  If you know that you'll only run GDB on versions
that support it, you probably can get away with disabling SOFTWARE_-
SINGLE_STEP_P locally.  I'm not sure what would be required to get it
into the mainline GDB.  It would either have to be a new config, or 
be able to determine whether or not kernel single-step is available
at run-time.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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