How many kernel debugger in the world?

Michael Meissner
Fri Jun 15 12:54:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 03:50:13PM +0800, kerler wrote:
> Hello,
> I know some kernel debuggers:
> kgdb/kdb/xmon for Linux
> kdb  for AIX
> mdb for SunOS
> kadb for SunOS
> kdbx for Digital UNIX 
> WinDbg for NT
> Is there any other kernel debugger?

Oh, I'm sure there are lots.  Some are gdb varients, some not.  For example, do
you consider ROM monitors used in many embedded eval boards?  There are many of
these.  For example, I've think I've run into 4 or 5 different 'bug'
implementations in the Motorola world (both 68k and powerpc).  When I worked at
Data General, 10 years ago, I recall that there were something like 5 different
inhouse debuggers in the mainline OS, at least one of which they had lost the
sources to years before.

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