Jim Blandy
Thu Jun 14 11:07:00 GMT 2001

Here's the entry from for FRAME_ARGS_SKIP:


This sets 0 as the static default, -1 as the predefault, and specifies
no postdefault.  If I'm reading correctly, this means that:

- we use 0 as the value in the dummy gdbarch object we use during
  startup, and

- we set this field to -1 in a newly allocated gdbarch object, and we
  report an internal error if we notice later that it still has this

If I add a postdefault, then instead of getting an internal error when
it's not initialized, we'll just drop in the postdefault value.

Is that correct?

This field should be zero for almost every architecture.  Would anyone
mind if I added a postdefault of zero?

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