GDB on SGI Irix 6.5

Daniel Berlin
Thu Jun 14 10:05:00 GMT 2001

Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

> On 13 Jun 2001, Jim Blandy wrote:
>> assuming we've decided a .debug_info section is carrying SGI 64-bit
>> Dwarf2 data, has someone already adapted dwarf2read to read the
>> data?
> There's a patch on Dave's site which is supposed to do that.  That
> patch is against GDB 4.17, and is based on compile-time #ifdef's, but
> otherwise it should be fine.
> What I was trying to figure out was how to add this support in a
> cleaner way, so that Irix 6.x users will not need two different GDB
> binaries to debug programs, one each for each ABI.

You can check if the initial length is 0, followed by a valid number
(IE not zero).
If so, either we've got completely invalid dwarf2, or SGI's 64bit

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