interpreter_p && strcmp (interpreter_p, "mi") == 0

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jun 8 22:04:00 GMT 2001


In going over the MI sources I've come across this little gem (it is 
scattered through out both breakpoint.c and infrun.c).  I'm now trying 
to remember what discussion went on about it back when it was introduced 
  and how to now go back and fix it (I know there was some but it would 
have been Cygnus internal :-( ).

Briefly, there are a number of functions for which the behavour changes 
when the MI output is enabled:

	o	extra information not part of
		the normal CLI output is added

	o	the output is made fixed

The reason I noticed this is because I was playing around with having 
``-i=mi1'' for the old syntax and ``-i=mi'' for the final syntax.


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