prgregset_t vs gdb_gregset_t on Linux: not the same!

Daniel Jacobowitz
Fri Jun 8 15:58:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 01:27:30PM -0700, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> In proc-service.c, we call fill_gregset and supply_gregset with a
> prgregset_t cast to a gdb_gregset_t *.  The problem is, they really are
> different.  We can mostly get away with this, because in almost all cases
> glibc won't do anything with the gregset except pass it back to gdb again
> (if the process has terminated, it will memset something the size of a
> prgregset_t, though...).

The matching question here is that core-regset.c's fetch_core_registers
calls supply_gregset with a gregset_t, but supply_gregset is prototyped
with a gdb_gregset_t.  That doesn't work very well either.

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