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Fernando Nasser fnasser@redhat.com
Fri Jun 8 07:43:00 GMT 2001

±èµæÁß wrote:
> Hi..
> i'm studying a gdb parallel port source that is gdb/rdi-share/ directory..
> but, i dont know about struct bpp_transfer_parms..
> and i couldn't find any infomation about that..
> so., who tell me a method? or give me a infomation about struct bpp_transfer_parms..
> Have a nice day!

bpp_transfer_parms  only exists on Sun machines.  It is either under
/usr/include/sys or /usr/include/sbusdev in a header file called

Note that you can figure this things out by yourself.  If you looked at
the start of that source file you would have seen:

#ifdef sun
# include <sys/ioccom.h>
# ifdef __svr4__
#  include <sys/bpp_io.h>
# else
#  include <sbusdev/bpp_io.h>
# endif

Always remember that there is no magic.  If the compiler did not
complain about a symbol and it was not defined in that source file, so
it must have been defined in something that it included -- probably in
the header files.

Also, if you look at the lines where it is used, like:

    struct bpp_transfer_parms tp;

     * we need to set the parallel port up for BUSY handshaking,
     * and select the timeout
    if (ioctl(parpfd, BPPIOC_GETPARMS, &tp) < 0)

you can determine that it is associated with the ioctl() in some way, in
particular with parallel ports ad the operation BPPIOC_GETPARMS.

Good luck with your project.

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