Another RFC: regex in libiberty

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Jun 7 18:31:00 GMT 2001

DJ Delorie <> writes:

> [More lists added to get a wider audience]
> I didn't get a clear feeling about what people wanted wrt this.  I saw
> three people propose three versions of regex, not much to go on.  Is
> this a big deal?  Will it really get used by everyone who currently
> has their own regex?  Is it important to try to use a BSD-licensed
> regex to minimize future problems?
> The two contenders seem to be a modified GNU regex and the
> ever-popular Henry Spencer's regex.  Does anyone have any strong
> opinions for either of these, or against any regex in libiberty at
> all?

gdb already ships with gnu-regex.c.  Why not just move that to

I can't see any reason for a BSD-licensed regex in libiberty.
libiberty already GPL code.


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