stabs or ecoff for Linux/mips

Daniel Berlin
Thu Jun 7 12:05:00 GMT 2001

Stan Shebs <> writes:

> "H . J . Lu" wrote:
>> What is the better debug format for Linux/mips in the terms of gdb
>> and binutils, stabs or ecoff? I know the future is dwarf2. But I need
>> something stable now. Since Linux/x86 uses stabs, I lean toward to
>> stabs. Any comments?
> Go with stabs and ELF.  Neither ecoff's base file format nor the debug
> info were particularly well-documented (I remember some of the bits in
> GNU being figured out by reverse engineering!), perpetuating it will
> just make your life more difficult in the long run.  It will also be
> easier to move to dwarf2 when the opportunity arises.

mdebugread is also an evil piece of code. 
It duplicates almost all of buildsym.  I've had to perform *major*
surgery (and am still not done yet) to do the block hash table thing.

> Stan

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