Porting GDB-5 to native Windows (using MINGW32)...

Joel Brobecker brobecker@act-europe.fr
Thu Jun 7 07:01:00 GMT 2001

We are facing many problems to port GDB 5 under Windows using the MINGW32
Here are the two main problems we have identified:
1) GDB-5 event loop.
   This part of the code is really UNIX oriented and will be quite difficult  
   to port to native Windows platforms. The main problem is the use of a
   select statement on files descriptors. The select C routine under Windows
   works only on socket.

2) readline module

   The readline module uses some libraries not ported to Windows.

   For example it uses needs <termios.h>, <termio.h> or <sgtty.h> this is not
   available with GCC under Windows. It needs also <pwd.h> which is
   missing. This one should not be to hard to implement though.

Maybe there is others issues that we have not yet identified but at least
these one are really hard to workaround. This means that we have not been able
to build GDB 5 under Windows.

Is there any patch already available that fix that ?

What is the plan about support of GDB 5 under native Windows ?

Do you know of other problems to port GDB-5 under Windows ?

We have eard of a readline port available on the net, do you expect this one
to be ok to build GDB-5 ? Have anybody tried it ?


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