Why is the LIN-LVP target not stacked?

Andrew Cagney ac131313@cygnus.com
Wed Jun 6 03:42:00 GMT 2001

> "John S. Kallal" <jskallal@home.com> writes:
>> Why are the target routine in the file lin-lwp.c not put onto 
>> the target stack with a stratum level between thread_stratum and
>> process_stratum?  
> I think it should.  However when I checked in the code to see whether
> it worked as well for other people as it did for me, I didn't want to
> make the necessary changes to the rest of GDB.  Feel free to submit
> any patches.  On second thought, perhaps this should be discussed a
> bit more first...

Yes, the idea is correct.  The problem, as you've probably noticed is 
that the target stack isn't really a stack :-(  Cleanly slipping a new 
layer in between thread_stratum and process_stratum isn't as easy as it 
should be.

However, having said that I'm very interested in changes that start 
converting the target layers into a real stack.


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