signal names

Andrew Cagney
Wed Jun 6 03:36:00 GMT 2001

> Hello!
> Is there any convenient way to add custom signal names, used by
> /* Return the string for a signal.  */
> extern char *target_signal_to_string PARAMS ((enum target_signal));
> /* Return the name (SIGHUP, etc.) for a signal.  */
> extern char *target_signal_to_name PARAMS ((enum target_signal));
> /* Given a name (SIGHUP, etc.), return its signal.  */
> enum target_signal target_signal_from_name PARAMS ((char *));
> We would need special hardware names, which will be used for
> catchpoints?
> I would really like to avoid adding ifdefs in target.c and target.h

Not really.

GDB has a very UNIX/signal centric view of the target's event model.  It 
assumes that everything to do with a target event can be represented as 
a very small integer - with real hardware events that is almost never 
the case.

People debugging embedded systems typically map hardware signals onto 
roughly equivalent UNIX signals.  From what I've seen this works pretty 


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