gdb warning

Michael Snyder
Fri Jun 1 17:49:00 GMT 2001

Charles Wilkins wrote:
> I have seen posts about this is the web and in a couple newgroups, but I
> have seen no clear solutions or definition as to what this message means.
> When i run gdb, I get warning: unable to find dynamic linker
> breakpoint function.
> GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers and track
> explicitly loaded dynamic code.
> I have installed the latest gdb and gcc.
> Minimally, to duplicate this error, I compile with:
> g++ -g test.cpp
> Then to debug, I run:
> gdb a.out
> In the debugger when I try to run, is when I get the error.
> Anybody care to point out what the cause of this is ?
> Thanks in advance for a prompt reply.

In general, the cause is that GDB was not able to find and/or
load symbols from the dynamic linker.  I can't tell you more
specifically than that.  Perhaps the dynamic linker is not
in the usual location?  Perhaps it has been stripped?  Perhaps
its filename is not as expected?

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