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Vardhan Varma vardhan@cadence.com
Mon Sep 25 19:42:00 GMT 2000

       for last year, i've been working with Sun's dbx.
       I found the intergration with ksh a very nice idea.
       (there were a few problems too, but all in all, it _is_
       a nice idea ... )

       Here are some magic possible, by ksh integration ,
       i would like to know how to achieve similar things in

    1. (dbx) $(funcs .*foo.*bar.* | sed 's/^/stop in/')
       this will set break points in all 
       functions matching .*foo.*bar !!!
       (okay not exactly this, but something similar (-; )

   2.  how to grep help's output ??
       help show | grep arg ?????
       or even setenv PAGER=xless displays help in seperate
       xless window.


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