Preferred format of Copyright statement

Andrew Cagney
Mon Sep 25 13:12:00 GMT 2000

> > I know this has a tendency to line-wrap, but so what?  No human will
> > ever care.  So we might as well make it completely correct.
> Ok, will produce that form.
>   Given that the first attempt over gdb
> gives a patch file of ~900k touching 1725 files, would it be more useful
> to provide patches for the few percent of cases needing manual fixes and
> provide the script to be run when the maintainer finds it convenient?
> Or should it only fix those with ranges or 2-digit years and leave (C)
> removal where the year list is Ok?
> (Trying to conserve maintainer think time, not be a WOFTAM).

(Yes I know your e-mail was posted a month ago :-().

Could I suggest a multi-step process like Kevin is doing to clean up
PARAMS.  I'd suggest doing the automated changes and then as a later
pass, do the hand changes.  You won't need maintainer approval for this
change.  Just give a weeks notice on the big jumbo change.


PS: I my take on how to format copyright is that IanC's guideline is
simply too complicated for us programming types - we're a simple bunch

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