HP-UX 11.00?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Thu Sep 21 15:38:00 GMT 2000

Russ Allbery <rra@Stanford.EDU> writes:

> Is gdb 5.0 intended to support HP-UX 11.00 out of the box?  I can't find
> a list of supported or tested platforms on the sources.redhat.com web
> site, and when attempting to compile gdb 5.0 on:

>   hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00

> I'm getting the following error while trying to build bfd:

Whatever this problem is, it appears to be affected by the compiler.  I
tried both gcc 2.8.1 and gcc 2.95.1 (yeah, I'm aware that the latter
doesn't officially support HP-UX 11.00, but it compiles most things fine
on that platform) without any luck, but switching to the vendor compiler
for this one file worked fine and the build is now completing.

My guess is that there's some pre-processor magic that the vendor compiler
sets and gcc doesn't, and that this may be due to gcc not really being
ready for prime-time on HP-UX 11.00 yet.

Conclusion:  Probably not a gdb problem.  Hopefully anyone else who has
this problem will see these messages in the list archives.

> gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../../bfd -I. -D_GNU_SOURCE -DHOST_HPPAHPUX -DHPUX_CORE -I. -I../../../bfd -I../../../bfd/../include -I../../../bfd/../intl -I../intl -W -Wall -O2 -c ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c -o hpux-core.o
> In file included from ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c:35:
> /usr/include/sys/core.h:81: parse error before `uint64_t'
> /usr/include/sys/core.h:81: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c: In function `hpux_core_core_file_p':
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c:194: storage size of `proc_info' isn't known
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c:194: warning: unused variable `proc_info'
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c: In function `hpux_core_core_file_matches_executable_p':
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c:330: warning: unused parameter `core_bfd'
> ../../../bfd/hpux-core.c:330: warning: unused parameter `exec_bfd'
> make[3]: *** [hpux-core.lo] Error 1

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