elvis / vim / integration

Vardhan Varma vardhan@cadence.com
Thu Sep 21 01:36:00 GMT 2000

       Hello all,
             Except emacs, what editor has been nicely integrated with
       gdb. The only functionility i need is displaying curent line at
       cursor, while execution, and viewing stack.

       elvis and nedit give a client mode too. I've succesfully used
       it to integrate with SUNWspro's dbx, which has a _cb_prompt
       alias which one can define  any function, dbx also has some
       variables ( $vfunc, $vline ) . So i just need

       How can i get a function/alias/define of my own, executed
       at (almost) every prompt, and tell it filename and linenumber
       and get is executeed.



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