Looking for a ARM debugging stub?

benoit b.millot@wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 14 07:19:00 GMT 2000


In GDB-5.0, I found remote target RDP  and RDI for ARM processor which
are respectively
ARM demon monitor and
ARM Angel monitor via RDI lib interface ( with board running the Angel
monitor or with
Embedded JTAG debug device).

I never work with this processor and i doesn't know really what are
these monitor,
so I m looking  for some information about it!

Moreover, I suppose a debugging stub for ARM exist but I doesn't find it
in GDB source.

If you have any information about that, please send me it or a link on
it at
b.millot@wanadoo.fr (because i don't subscribe at this ML due to too
much message!)

Thanks a lot.


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