gdbserver in configure scripts

Philip Blundell
Sat Sep 9 13:40:00 GMT 2000

It doesn't currently work to build a cross GDB targeting, say, m68k-linux (or 
any other gdbserver-enabled platform).  The configure script fails with:

linking /usr/src/sourceware/src/gdb/gdbserver/../config/nm-empty.h to nm.h
configure: error: /usr/src/sourceware/src/gdb/gdbserver/../config/nm-empty.h: File not found
configure: error: /usr/src/sourceware/src/gdb/gdbserver/configure failed for gdbserver

This would be prevented by the following commented-out code in

# else
# GDBserver is only useful in a "native" enviroment
# configdirs=`echo $configdirs | sed 's/gdbserver//'`

Does anybody know of a reason why this code should not be enabled?

(I'm not sure what the story is with nm-empty.h.  I don't have one in my tree; 
the ChangeLog suggests that it used to exist, but I didn't see anything 
referring to its removal.)



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