Andrew Cagney
Fri Sep 8 00:19:00 GMT 2000

Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> said:
> > You'd have to use cvs update -dP, in the root dir, but this would then
> > procede to download other stuff you don't want that is in that cvs
> > repository. In this case, your only option is to use checkout.
> cvs update -l; cvs update -dP *
> does the trick for me.  It would miss a new directory being added at the
> top level, but that's a pretty rare event that I'm prepared to live with.

Ah, I think that is because your top level src/CVS directory contains
the file Entries.Static (please don't ask me exactly what that does, I
don't know :-).

Per H.J's comment, the ``correct'' way to do the update is to do a ``cvs
-d `cat src/CVS/Root` co gdb'' in the directory above.  It was once
suggested that there be a src/etc/gdb_update file (modeled loosely after
gcc_update).  I've no problems with this.  I suspect, though, it would
be a lot simpler than GCC's gcc_update as GDB doesn't have those nasty
interdependencies found in GCC.


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