comp.gnu.embedded (was: embedded An article about the Cygnus tree)

Bjorn Eriksson
Wed Sep 6 04:13:00 GMT 2000

> > > I think there should be a newsgroup for the gnu tools etc,
> > > for applications involving embedded systems. comp.arch.embedded
> > > is more hardware oriented.
> > > What about a comp.gnu.embedded for all questions on
> > > installation, development, use, and abuse of gnu/cygnus/open-source
> > > tools for embedded systems?
> >
> > How is the crossgcc mailing list not enough for you for this
> > purpose? That's exactly what it's for.
> Its just that crossgcc traffic seems a bit on the low side
> for some reason. BTW, is all this cross-posting bad? A
> newsgroup is better suited for a wide range of questions
> and seems more 'publicly accessible' for beginners to
> ask all kinds of stupid questions.

 I hope you haven't missed I'd also like to see a
comp.gnu.embedded newsgroup but not for the reason you stated. I like to
think we're all trying to help out anyone who spends time and effort to
research his problem and write coherent questions.


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