gdb doesn't work very well with dynamic linked binaries

H . J . Lu
Tue Sep 5 18:33:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 06:23:31PM -0700, Stan Shebs wrote:
> If you don't think that you're getting enough time to do things right,
> then you should take it up with your management.  Since VA Linux thinks

The gdb work has nothing to do with my job at VA :-). I don't even
know they are aware of it. I only work on gdb because I don't want to
wait for a few hours when debugging the code nor start all over when
I use up all hardware registers. If it is a must-fix for gdb 5.1, I
am willing to pitch in. If noone else wants to spend time on it, I
will come up with some kludge for myself.

BTW, it has been a long standing problem for gdb. It seems that I
am the only one who thinks gdb sucks under Linux/ia32 and is willing
to do something about it.


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