gdb + egcs: break __raise_exception

Mark Kettenis
Tue Sep 5 07:41:00 GMT 2000

   From: Niels L Ellegaard <>
   Date: 05 Sep 2000 12:33:25 +0200

   I am using gdb to debug a program compiled by egcs-2.91.66, and I
   would like to do the following:

      To make the debugger catch all exceptions before any stack unwinding
      takes place, set a breakpoint on __raise_exception (see section
      Breakpoints, watchpoints, and exceptions).

   I can easily break at other functions, but when I try to break at
   __raise_exception I get the following problem:

      (gdb) break __raise_exception
      Function "__raise_exception" not defined.

   I would be most greatful for any help.

GDB cannot find the symbol "__raise_exception" in the executable.  Did
you verify (for example with `nm') that the executable does contain
such a symbol?


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