An article about the Cygnus tree

Mon Sep 4 21:40:00 GMT 2000

I think there should be a newsgroup for the gnu tools etc, for applications
involving embedded systems. comp.arch.embedded is more hardware oriented.
What about a comp.gnu.embedded for all questions on installation, development,
use, and abuse of gnu/cygnus/open-source tools for embedded systems?

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> And while I think this is stated clearly enough in the article itself, let me
> repeat: the previous point (that I wasn't even sure what to call it) is the
> essense of the problem that needs a solution: there is a sore lack of public
> tutorial information on this animal. There is a home for the GNU project and
> there are home pages for all GNU projects, and as a result, everyone knows what
> they are and where to get them. But it's very hard to explain to a newcomer
> what the Cygnus tree is. See below.

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