Real-Time signals & GDB

Jeff Jenkins
Mon Sep 4 17:54:00 GMT 2000

 Sorry that I didn't include this information initally.  It was the second
time I posted a similar question.

I am using gdb 4.18 on Solaris 7/SPARC UltraIII.

When I send an RT signal to another thread in my process gdb halts and
complains that it received an unknown ? signal.  When I continue, it fails
to deliver the signal.  The signal I am typically sending is RT signal 39 or
40.  Depends on the thread.

I have tried using handle all to handle ALL threads...I want them delivered
to my process so that I may handle them.  I do have other threads in
sigwaitinfo() calls waiting on RT signal 39 & 40.  

-- jrj

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Anyone here know how to get GDB to properly handle RT signals?  When I
queue a RT signal, GDB complains that it received an unknown signal and
fails to deliever it to the process. Is there something specific I need
to do such that GDB will handle RT signals?
-- jrj

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