Linux threads support in GDB

Mark Kettenis
Sun Sep 3 12:34:00 GMT 2000

To all who have reported problems with GDB's threads support on Linux,

Today, I've checked in a rewrite of GDB's threads support for Linux
into the GDB CVS tree.  This should really make debugging
multi-threaded code more robust.  However, to be sure that it really
is more robust, it needs to be tested.  Multi-threaded code is
timing-critical and me not noticing any problems doesn't mean they are
not there.  I welcome everybody to check out the new code and report
any problems.  Please provide a (small) test program and enough
information to reproduce the problem if you do.

To avoid disappointments:

 * You'll need glibc 2.1.3.  Older versions are no longer supported.

 * The new threads stuff is only enabled for Linux/x86.

 * The "zombie problem" isn't fixed yet ...

 * ... which doesn't really matter since the limit of ~30 threads
   isn't fixed either.

 * You'll see quite a bit of debugging output, that tells you (or me)
   what's going on, but interferes with the program output.

See < > for information on how the check out
the code.

I'll be looking forward to your reports,


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